At eDatask®, we focus on developing compliance solutions to streamline privacy protection related tasks. We believe to help the business achieve the real compliance, we need to solve all the internal and external challenges come with the regulations. To do so we provide two modules : REG & PIMS.​

REG for Regulation​

Privacy protection requires a global effort from your organization. You need to implicate multiple teams in order to stay in compliance: business, legal, IT, logistics, etc. However, people from different backgrounds don’t have the same vocabulary, their awareness about privacy protection also vary. Plus, to coordinate their action, you have to use different kinds of communication tools: email, chat, task list…all flooded with documents of different versions and different format (spreadsheet, images, text files…).
To help you save time and energy, eDatask REG® provides a collaborative platform for your privacy protection professionals:
• It features a single customizable reference data to keep your teams on the same page;
• team members can easily collaborate through one single application;
• we built the GDPR fundamentals into the application to guide your teams through their thinking process (hints & warnings);
• we simplify the personal data mapping for your organization through a dynamic personal data item management system with risk classification;
• we also hold a version history for all privacy protections related documents such as a record of processing activities, violation records, data processors reference.​

PIMS for Personal Information Management Service

Modern regulations such as the GDPR give more and more rights to the data subjects, and the self-protection awareness of data subjects is also growing. In front of increasing demands, business should improve their reactivity and the quality of their answers more than ever. eDatask PIMS® can become your unique entry point for your data subjects when they decide to exercise their rights. The requests will be automatically categorized and organized according to the criticality. When combined with eDatask REG®, it can become a self-service platform to automatically provide appropriate information to the data subject. You can also deliver all privacy protection related information and notifications to your data subjects.

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