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As one of the early birds in France to invest in research of the GDPR, we quickly realized the new regulation comes with a non-negligible impact for all companies who process personal data. We then decided to create a team surrounding with young enthusiasts of privacy protection. This multi-disciplinary team convert their expertise in terms of legal, privacy protection, web, and data management into an easy to use compliance software called eDatask.

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About Jawaher

Jawaher Allala post-graduated from the Paris’ “Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers”   in management of organizational technics (DESTO), started her professional life as accountant followed by a position of CFO in a multinational company’s affiliate.

The passion for technology and innovation drove her into the world of IT and became principal consultant at Oracle France for several years. Strong of these experiences, Jawaher Allala founded Systnaps company in 2007 around a new concept to equip the Direction of IT services and to support them with streamlining and optimizing their ERP life cycle. 

Jawaher Allala was among the pioneers in France to invest on R&D in the GDPR domain, realizing that the new regulation will have a significant impact on all companies processing personal data. A new company was created in 2017, e-datask, proposing an innovative compliance software solution  created with the support of a highly motivated team of young professionals, experts in privacy protection, EU and national regulations, web applications and data management.

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