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Engage your organisation in the privacy protection with eDatask

What is eDatask ?

eDatask is a complete privacy protection solution built by data management experts and privacy professionals. This solution combines REG (regulation) & PIMS (Personal Information Management Service) in order to answer the main challenges of the GDPR : Accountability & Transparency. 

Whether you are a Data Controller or a Data Processor, and no matter the size of your business, eDatask will help your organization streamline the privacy protection activities.

The main challenge from the GDPR is twofold

  • Be transparent to your data subject
  • Be accountable to your supervisor authority



Privacy protection ecosystem

Bring your privacy protection professionals on the same collaborative platform. Inventory your applications and discover the personal data reside inside of your information system. Review your partners' qualifications (data processors, joint controllers & representatives).

Record of processing activities

Build your record of processing activities with eDatask REG. Based on the GDPR's requirements and your organization's settings, eDatask will assist you to inspect every element of your processing activities.

Evolution monitoring

eDatask keeps a history of improvements you make to your processing activities in order to achieve the real “accountability”.

Data subject self service portal

eDatask PIMS is a user-friendly portal which centralized information of related processing activities for your data subject. It creates a fast and automatic feedback system for you and your data subject.

Request management

eDatask PIMS will also help you deal with complicate request from your data subjects, such as "right to rectification", "right to erasure" and "data portability". This feature enables your team to quickly react to the data subject requests, classify and prioritize the related tasks, and thus improves your data subject relationship management.


Through eDatask PIMS, your team will be able to notify your data subjects about the progression of their requests, the improvements you make to the related processing activities, or data breach events.

eDatask, made simple.

We streamline your privacy protection tasks, so you can focus on your main activities.

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